MindSphere Open Source Tools and Libraries

MindSphere Open Source Tools and Libraries are contributions from the MindSphere community. These are demo applications, libraries and SDKs and useful connectivity tools which are maintained and released as open source software. The source code for all libraries is available on Github and the packages can be downloaded via common package management tools.

  • MindConnect-NodeJS

    This is a nodejs library which can be used as a starting point for custom agent implementation in nodejs. The library also contains useful tooling like command line support, which enables the user to easily import (historical) timeseries data, files and events to MindSphere.

    GitHub npm

  • MindConnect Node-RED Node

    A Node-RED node which can be used to upload the time series data, files and events to MindSphere via MindConnect. The node runs on x86, Raspberry PI, SIMATIC IOT 2040 and is also available as a docker container for your convenience.

    GitHub npm dockerhub

  • MindSphere DevOps Demo

    Demo application, providing tools and a devops admin backend for accessing Prometheus and Grafana.

    GitLab GitHub Mirror

This documentation is also available as an open source project. GitHub

We contributions! All projects have the CONTRIBUTING.md and CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md files with contribution information. Thank you for being part of the MindSphere Community!