MindSphere CLI: mdsp assets Command


mdsp assets


mdsp assets --help

Alternative form:

mc assets

(The CLI was using mc as default command name in older versions)


list, create or delete assets *


Parameter list:

Usage: mc assets|ast [options]

list, create or delete assets *

  -m, --mode [list|create|delete|template]  mode [list | create | delete | template] (default: "list")
  -f, --file                          .mdsp.json file with asset definition
  -n, --assetname                assetname
  -p, --parentid                  parentid
  -e, --externalid              externalid
  -i, --assetid                    mindsphere asset id
  -t, --typeid                      typeid
  -d, --desc                          description (default: "created with mindsphere CLI")
  -w, --twintype                  digital twin type [performance|simulation]
  -c, --includeshared                       include shared aspect types
  -k, --passkey                    passkey
  -y, --retry                       retry attempts before giving up (default: "3")
  -v, --verbose                             verbose output
  -h, --help                                display help for command


Here are some examples of how to use the mdsp assets command:


    mc assets --mode create --typeid core.basicarea --assetname MyArea 	 creates an asset in mindsphere of type basicarea
    mc assets --mode create --file MyPump.asset.mdsp.json 		 creates an asset from specified file template
    mc assets --mode list 						 lists all assets in mindsphere
    mc assets --mode list --typeid mclib				 lists all assets in mindsphere of type core.mclib
    mc assets --mode delete --assetid 1234567..ef 			 deletes asset with specified id from mindsphere
    mc assets --mode template --typeid .Pump --assetname MyPump 
		creates a file template MyPump.asset.mdsp.json which can be use in create command

See MindSphere API documentation for more information about MindSphere APIs.

Further Information

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