MindSphere CLI: mdsp signal-validation Command


mdsp signal-validation


mdsp signal-validation --help

Alternative form:

mc signal-validation

(The CLI was using mc as default command name in older versions)


perform signal validation @


Parameter list:

Usage: mc signal-validation|sv [options]

perform signal validation @

  -f, --file                                               timeseries file (default: "timeseries-sample.json")
  -o, --output                                                 result-file (signal-validation-mode.json)
  -m, --mode [testdata|range|spike|jumps|noise|gaps|interpolate|bias]  mode see @ Additional Documentation
  -n, --variablename [variablename]                                    this variable will be taken from timeseries (default: "variable1")
  -l, --lowerlimit [lowerlimit]                                        processing lower limit (for range)
  -u, --upperlimit [upperlimit]                                        processing upper limit (for range)
  -w, --windowsize [windowsize]                                        processing window size
  -r, --windowradius [windowradius]                                    processing window radius (for noise)
  -t, --threshold [threshold]                                          processing threshold
  -s, --step [step]                                                    processing step (for bias detection)
  -z, --size [size]                                                    generating test data size  (default: "100")
  -y, --retry                                                  retry attempts before giving up (default: "3")
  -p, --passkey                                               passkey
  -v, --verbose                                                        verbose output
  -h, --help                                                           display help for command


Here are some examples of how to use the mdsp signal-validation command:


    mdsp signal-validation --mode range --lowerlimit  -1 --upperlimit 1  	 performes the range validation for range [-1..1]
    mdsp signal-validation -mode jumps --windowsize 12  			 searches for jumps in the data
    mdsp signal-validation --mode interpolate --threshold 1000  		 interpolates a value for every gap > 1000ms

  Additional Documentation:


See MindSphere API documentation for more information about MindSphere APIs.

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