TypeScript SDK - Overview

The library comes with the typescript SDK which can be used to access MindSphere APIs


It implements support for both frontend (browser e.g. angular, react…) and backend development in node.js while supporting different MindSphere authentication types.

Frontend: - Browser (Session, Cookies)

Backend (node.js): - UserCredentials - AppCredentials - ServiceCredentials - MindSphere Agents

The SDK implements the Clients for following APIs:

  • AgentManagementClient
  • AssetManagementClient
  • EventManagementClient
  • IotFileClient
  • IdentityManagementClient
  • KPICalculationClient
  • MindConnectAPIClient
  • SignalValidationClient
  • SpectumAnalysisClient
  • TimeSeriesAggregateClient
  • TimeSeriesBulkClient
  • TimeSeriesClient
  • TrendPredictionClient

The example below shows how to use the SDK from browser:

// The example shows how to Get Assets from MindSphere with custom AssetType
// using frontend authentication
// you can pass an instance an Authorizer
// (BrowserAuth, UserAuth, CredentialsAuth, TokenManagerAuth, MindConnectAgent)
// to use different authorization types in MindSphere or implement the TokenRotation
// interface if you want to provide your own authorizer.
// The default constructor uses frontend authorization.

const sdk = new MindSphereSdk();
const am = sdk.GetAssetManagementClient();

const assets = await am.GetAssets({
    filter: JSON.stringify({
        typeId: {
            startsWith: `${tenant}`,

// you will get fully typed assets in response

If an API is missing (and you would like to contribute a client for it), take a look at contributing to SDK.

Further Information

The content of the community tools and libraries documentation pages is licensed under the MIT License.
Siemens API Notice applies.
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